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FriCAS Project

Source repository

Open source development project hosted on Github (previously on SourceForge) and email list on Google Groups with emphasis on the rapid improvement and bug fixing of Axiom on a large number of different systems.

The FriCAS fork was created by Waldek Hebisch (http://fricas.org/~hebisch).

FriCAS comes with a huge library of mathematical knowledge starting from simple linear algebra up to solving differential equations and much more. Look at FriCASAdvantages to see some reasons to use FriCAS. More about the features of FriCAS can be found in the Jenks and Sutor Book or read start reading FriCASTutorial. You can get list of inplemented constructors and functions using HyperDoc or online at API site

The FriCAS library can be extended in the programming language SPAD. Learn more about Programming in SPAD.

Pages on this wiki are rendered using current version of FriCAS:

(1) -> )version
"FriCAS 1.3.10 compiled at Wed 10 Jan 02:19:45 CET 2024"

Any comments containing commands added here will use this version of FriCAS.

After a page was rendered its content is cached and will change only after edit or explicit request for refresh.

See also FriCASIntegration

See also: OpenAxiom (another fork of Axiom)

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