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What is SourceForge.net?

SourceForge.net is the world's largest Open Source software development web site, hosting more than 100,000 projects and over 1,000,000 registered users with a centralized resource for managing projects, issues, communications, and code. SourceForge.net has the largest repository of Open Source code and applications available on the Internet, and hosts more Open Source development products than any other site or network worldwide. SourceForge.net provides a wide variety of services to projects we host, and to the Open Source community.

Open Source software

SourceForge.net provides free hosting to Open Source software development projects. The essence of the Open Source development model is the rapid creation of solutions within an open, collaborative environment. Collaboration within the Open Source community (developers and end users) promotes a higher standard of quality, and helps to ensure the long-term viability of both data and applications.

Open Source software is also gaining increased momentum in the enterprise. Commonly cited reasons for the growing interest, acceptance, and even preference for Open Source products include low cost, high value, quality and reliability, security, increased freedom and flexibility (both hardware and software,) and adherence to open standards. Additional information regarding the Open Source concept can be found on the Open Source Initiative (OSI) web site. Additional information on the growing use of Open Source technologies in the enterprise can be found in the VA Software white paper Leveraging Open Source Processes and Techniques in the Enterprise.

OSTG (Open Source Technology Group)

SourceForge.net is owned by OSTG, Inc. ("Open Source Technology Group").

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