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The FriCAS developer email list is here:


Download source code distribution tarballs (files) from here:


Compilation of FriCAS

Best thing probably is to compile FriCAS from the source distribution through the link above, because it contains precompiled lisp files etc. etc. See release note .

If, however, you must do Compilation of FriCAS from the svn checkout of trunk (27-Feb-2009), i.e.::

  svn co https://fricas.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/fricas/trunk fricas-sources
  mkdir fricas-build
  cd fricas-build
  ../fricas-sources/configure --prefix=/where/to/install/fricas
  make && make install
you might encounter several problems.
  • Ubuntu 8.10 ships with a broken GCL.
  • ECL 0.9j takes long to compile (twice as long as with 0.9l). Upgrading of ECL is strongly encouraged.
  • ECL 0.9j build hangs at the end while generating .pht pages

The build with sbcl (SBCL 1.0.18.debian) worked on Ubuntu 8.10. Call configure as:

    ../fricas-sources/configure --prefix=/where/to/install/fricas --with-lisp=sbcl

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