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FriCAS in X11 environment (for example Linux) includes graphics and working HyperDoc browser.

The graphics and HyperDoc functions are not yet available for native Windows (graphics and HyperDoc works in Cygwin).

HyperDoc allows you to access online help and tutorial information as well as browsing the algebra database and running FriCAS commands by simple point-and-click.

Once you install or build the system you can test it by typing:


when the HyperDoc browser starts choose:

  Basic Commands -> Draw -> A function of two variables -> Continue -> Do It

and a graph will appear. Click anywhere on the graph to get the control panel.

How to add new Hyperdoc pages

You need to do this in three steps:

  1. Add page to database used by HyperDoc. For this change to directory contaning ht.db file (this directory also contains .ht and .pht files) -- relative to top of you installation this is:

    target/platform/share/hyperdoc/pages subdirectory

    where platform is name of your platform (something like x86_64-unknown-linux or i386-pc-mingw32). Next:

    rm ht.db # remove the old ht.db file.

    /path/to/your/fricas/installation/target/platform/bin/htadd *.ht

    Note: htadd program only add things to database. So, to avoid keeping old entries (which may be wrong if you change a page) we remove database first.

  2. Generate the .pht file (this file contains output from examples).

    To do this use command like:

    export FRICAS=/path/to/your/fricas/installation/target/platform;

    $FRICAS/bin/sman -noihere -paste file.ht

  3. Regenerate database adding freshly produced .pht file:

    rm ht.db # remove the old ht.db file.

    /path/to/your/fricas/installation/target/platform/bin/htadd .ht .pht

Note1: in the first step it is better to add only .ht pages to database. In the third step we add both .ht and .pht files (otherwise the examples would be missing).

Note2: the second step also produces .input file. This file may be safely deleted.

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