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Note: Apparently OpenAxiom developement stopped in 2015. Currently there is no runnable OpenAxiom in the wiki. The rest of the page is just for historical record.

OpenAxiom Project (Fork): Open source development project on SourceForge with emphasis on becoming the "Axiom of Choice" by improving the build system and through the further development of high-level languages such as BOOT and SPAD.

OpenAxiom fork was created by Gabriel Dos Reis.

See also FriCAS

When editing pages on this wiki you can specify which version/fork of Axiom you wish to use to execute the commands in the \begin{axiom} ... \end{axiom} environment.

Any comments containing commands added here will use this OpenAxiom version/fork. Other versions of OpenAxiom may also be available and may be specified during edit.

OpenAxiomSources | OpenAxiomBinaries | SandBoxOpenAxiom

Release 1.4.1

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