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Edit detail for SandboxNullaryVsConstant revision 4 of 4

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Editor: Bill Page
Time: 2008/07/07 17:21:54 GMT-7
Note: Constants compile in Open-Axiom


)abbrev domain FOO Foo
Foo(): Exports == Implementation where
  Exports ==> with
    myrandom: Integer
--    myrandom: () -> Integer
  Implementation ==> add
    myrandom == 42
--    myrandom == () +-> 17
   Compiling FriCAS source code from file 
      using old system compiler.
   FOO abbreviates domain Foo 
   initializing NRLIB FOO for Foo 
   compiling into NRLIB FOO 
   compiling exported myrandom : () -> Integer
      FOO;myrandom;I;1 is replaced by 42 
Time: 0 SEC.
(time taken in buildFunctor: 0)
;;; *** |Foo| REDEFINED
;;; *** |Foo| REDEFINED Time: 0 SEC.
Cumulative Statistics for Constructor Foo Time: 0 seconds
finalizing NRLIB FOO Processing Foo for Browser database: --->-->Foo(constructor): Not documented!!!! --->-->Foo((myrandom ((Integer)) constant)): Not documented!!!! --->-->Foo(): Missing Description ; compiling file "/var/aw/var/LatexWiki/FOO.NRLIB/FOO.lsp" (written 04 APR 2022 07:25:40 PM):
; /var/aw/var/LatexWiki/FOO.NRLIB/FOO.fasl written ; compilation finished in 0:00:00.009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Foo is now explicitly exposed in frame initial Foo will be automatically loaded when needed from /var/aw/var/LatexWiki/FOO.NRLIB/FOO


Type: Variable(myrandom)

Type: PositiveInteger?

Constants compile in Open-Axiom --Bill Page, Mon, 07 Jul 2008 17:21:54 -0700 reply
Try setting the version of Axiom to a recent version of OpenAxiom. Click edit and set Axiom: Open-Axiom ... But in the interpreter they still must be referenced like nullary operators.