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30 recent
409 all
57 open
190 closed
23 rejected
14 not reproducible
50 fix proposed
30 fixed somewhere
29 duplicate
10 need more info
33 critical
40 serious
270 normal
30 minor
33 wishlist
6 Axiom Aldor Interface
26 Axiom Compiler
139 Axiom Library
71 Axiom Interpreter
24 Axiom Documentation
47 Axiom User Interface
28 building Axiom from source
3 lisp system
26 MathAction
9 Doyen CD
1 Reduce
10 Axiom on Windows
13 Axiom on Linux

name category severity status age modified
#317 two files that differ only in case Axiom on Windows serious closed 16 years 16 years
#27 Axiom on Windows GCL problems Axiom on Windows normal closed 16 years 16 years
#85 axiom on windows won't accept interrupts Axiom on Windows normal not reproducible 16 years 8 years
#34 Axiom missing rm, cat Axiom on Windows serious not reproducible 16 years 9 years
#233 Trace in Float caused Fatal Error Axiom on Windows critical not reproducible 16 years 10 years
#56 Hyperdoc does not work on Windows Axiom on Windows normal fix proposed 16 years 16 years
#55 Graphics does not work on Windows Axiom on Windows normal fixed somewhere 16 years 15 years
#194 tracing complex on windows Axiom on Windows critical fixed somewhere 16 years 15 years
#13 AXIOM for Windows: )copyright and )s ummary Axiom on Windows normal duplicate 16 years 15 years
#86 Axiom (Windows) in a MAC VMWare won't install Axiom on Windows normal need more info 16 years 15 years

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