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Instructions to make a new Doyen image file.

You will need to have root permissions and mkisofs  
installed in your system. 

If you want to build the Doyen livecd in your system, 
you must have the contents of the doyen image stored in 
a directory.

You can get this from:


As root do the following steps:

1) Create a temporary directory.

   cd doyen-filesystem
   mkdir tmp

2) Use "mo2dir" to expand the module file you want to modify,
   into the temp directory. The Axiom directory will be inside
   "usr.mo" module under the expanded directory usr/local.

   cd tools
    ./mo2dir ../base/usr.mo ../tmp/

3) Apply the diffs with the changes you want to filesystem expanded
   on the "tmp" directory. eg. a new Axiom version.

4) Pack again the content of the tmp directory as usr.mo using "dir2mo".
   Make sure to be inside the tools directory.

   ./dir2mo ../tmp usr.mo

5) Replace the module file in "base" with the new created one.

   mv usr.mo ../base/

   Repeat steps 2, 3, 4 and 5 for each module you would like to modify.

6) Delete the tmp directory.

   cd ..
   rm -Rf ./tmp/

7) Create the Doyen image using 'make_iso.sh'.

   ./make_iso.sh doyen-"version".iso

8) Enjoy Doyen, Axiom and Open Source :-)!!!

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