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Following Mr. Tim Daly's suggestion, I have uploaded a virtual machine configuration file for the DoyenCD using VMWare. This should allow to run the DoyenCD in different operating systems, especially Windows, allowing for a more easy demonstration of the doyen idea and the scientific software it contains (Axiom, Magnus, LatexWiki).

Doyen on VMWare Really Rocks --Bill Page, Wed, 21 Jun 2006 00:45:14 -0500 reply
Doyen on VMWare Player is a winnner!

I am floored by how well the DoyenCD works under VMWare Player on Windows! Here I am on Windows, just toggling between my normal Windows desktop and Fedora Core linux running Axiom with Aldor under the local Doyen Wiki. Or even running Axiom native with full hyperdoc and graphics. And it all works. Fantastic.

The way VMWare saves and restores the state of the session is a dream.

This is an absolutely first rate job. Very well done!

Thank you, Alfredo and Wilken.

For those insterested in trying with (free software) qemu, the following commands worked for me (Debian sarge):

$ wget -c http://alfredo.axiom-developer.org/doyen/doyen-061906.iso

$ qemu -user-net -m 256 -cdrom doyen-062506.iso -boot d

I take the opportunity to point at new Debian based live-CD mastering scripts: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianLive

Best regards, Frédéric Lehobey

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