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Suppose someone asks you:
I think it would be great if you could add your algoritm to the FriCASWiki web site.
And ...
you agree :)
The first question might be:
Where should it go?
The answer might be:
First create a link to the new page here: FriCASContributions

The link is created before the page.

Alternatively you might choose to start with some other "parent" page depending on the topic of your new page. Do a search (box in upper right corner) or click on Contents to find a suitable place to make a new link.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide to create a new web page

Before beginning, be sure to set your user name and email address by clicking preferences.

  1. Then click edit and add some text such as:

    [My Algorithm] -- The integration algorithm.

    The part inside the [...] becomes the new page name. The part after the -- is some short explanation. The result will be a link to the page you are just about to create.

    Optionally use a name such as:

    [SandBox My Algorithm] -- The integration algorithm.

    If you choose a name starting with SandBox... then you will be able to edit and test the new page without creating any email notices of the changes you make. SandBox pages are just like drafts.

  2. Click Preview to check it, re-edit if necessary, then click Save.
  3. Click on the blue ? beside [My Algorithm]?
  4. Add some explanatory text:
          This routine ...
  5. Add the SPAD code:
        your spad code here
  6. Add some more explanatory text:
          Try this ...
  7. Add some Axiom commands:
  8. Click Preview to check it. Re-edit. Then click Save.
  9. If this was a SandBox page and you are now really happy with the way the page looks, use the box at the bottom of the page to rename the page to just:

    My Algorithm

    without the SandBox ... prefix.

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