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Submitted by : (unknown) at: 2007-11-17T21:53:26-08:00 (15 years ago)
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I have made some simple changes to improve how the output of the SPAD compiler is displayed on MathAction. Axiom commands and SPAD code are still highlighted in lightgreen. But the messages generated by the compiler are now shown with a lightgrey background. Like this:

)abbrev package SVT1 SymbolVariableTest1
SymbolVariableTest1(): Spec == Imp where
  Spec ==  with 
    symVar1:() -> Boolean
  Imp == add
      y: Variable(y) := y
      x: Variable(y) := y
      t: Boolean := (x = y)
   Compiling FriCAS source code from file 
      /var/zope2/var/LatexWiki/2836962772639158623-25px001.spad using 
      old system compiler.
   SVT1 abbreviates package SymbolVariableTest1 
   initializing NRLIB SVT1 for SymbolVariableTest1 
   compiling into NRLIB SVT1 
   compiling exported symVar1 : () -> Boolean
Time: 0.03 SEC.
(time taken in buildFunctor: 10)
;;; *** |SymbolVariableTest1| REDEFINED
;;; *** |SymbolVariableTest1| REDEFINED Time: 0.01 SEC.
Warnings: [1] symVar1: y has no value
Cumulative Statistics for Constructor SymbolVariableTest1 Time: 0.04 seconds
finalizing NRLIB SVT1 Processing SymbolVariableTest1 for Browser database: --->-->SymbolVariableTest1((symVar1 ((Boolean)))): Not documented!!!! --->-->SymbolVariableTest1(constructor): Not documented!!!! --->-->SymbolVariableTest1(): Missing Description ; compiling file "/var/zope2/var/LatexWiki/SVT1.NRLIB/SVT1.lsp" (written 12 MAY 2011 01:59:33 PM):
; /var/zope2/var/LatexWiki/SVT1.NRLIB/SVT1.fasl written ; compilation finished in 0:00:00.492 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ SymbolVariableTest1 is now explicitly exposed in frame initial SymbolVariableTest1 will be automatically loaded when needed from /var/zope2/var/LatexWiki/SVT1.NRLIB/SVT1
>> System error: The bounding indices 163 and 162 are bad for a sequence of length 162. See also: The ANSI Standard, Glossary entry for "bounding index designator" The ANSI Standard, writeup for Issue SUBSEQ-OUT-OF-BOUNDS:IS-AN-ERROR

I think this makes the page easier to read. Since the compiler is quite verbose, without this color coding it was sometimes hard to distinguish the input SPAD code from the compiler output.

The FunctionalMapping? page contains another example.

Comments welcome!

Grey background --wyscc, Fri, 04 Mar 2005 18:14:29 -0600 reply
This is an excellent idea. Beautiful! Thanks for this new page (FunctionalMapping?), too.

property change
Tue, 08 Mar 2005 05:43:04 -0600 reply

seems to work ok --Bill Page, Thu, 10 Mar 2005 22:59:32 -0600 reply
Status: testing => closed

compiler output is folded --Bill Page, Mon, 29 Aug 2005 08:19:19 -0500 reply
In addition to being shaded lightgrey, the compiler output is now also "folded", i.e. the output is collapsed to a single header line. You will notice a + sign in from the word axiom on the right hand side of the header. Clicking the + will display the compiler output. The + axiom turns to - axiom. If you click the - then the compiler output will be hidden.

Note also the +/- menu items at the top of the page. Clicking + will expand all folded output. Clicking - will hide it all.

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