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Aldor & Axiom Workshop 2008

part of

RISC Summer 2008

Hagenberg, Austria

24-26 July 2008

The workshop aims at a cooperation of Aldor, Axiom, OpenAxiom, and FriCAS developers with developers of packages written for other Computer Algebra Systems, and mathematicians that would like to use a computer algebra system to perform experiments.


Registration is handled via the general RISC Summer 2008 Registration. The fee (30 EUR) does not cover hotel, lunch, dinner, and transportation to Hagenberg. You may reserve a hotel room in Hagenberg through the registration page.


Similar to 2006 and 2007, the workshop will be organized as a mixture of talks and discussions. We will begin with an introduction to Axiom and the Aldor language, including a comparison with the approach employed by Sage and Python.

We then plan to cover the following topics:

  • Aldor, SPAD, and the Axiom interpreter
    • work on SPAD (eg., allow arbitrary conditional exports),
    • work on the Axiom interpreter (eg., it's signature selection algorithm), and
    • improve the Axiom-Aldor interaction (eg., make Axiom understand Aldor's extend or dependent signatures generated in Aldor code).

  • interaction of Axiom with other systems

    We would like to explore the possibility and the usefulness of reusing third party code like PARI, GAP, Polymake, etc., but also interfacing with Sage.

  • problems implementing mathematics in Aldor and SPAD

    We would like to tackle some particularly challenging implementation problems, including

    • combinatorial species - the multisort case,
    • how to organize domains and categories for recurrences and functions,
    • how to organize aggregates and matrices, in particular how to ensure efficient looping over aggregate elements, etc.


If you would like to contribute a presentation to one of these topics or a related one, please send a message to the organisers.

Suggested reading:

  • Aldor User Guide
  • svn://svn.risc.uni-linz.ac.at/hemmecke/combinat/branches/multisort-experiment/combinat/src/mspecies.as.nw

Organisers: Ralf Hemmecke and Martin Rubey

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