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  • Aldor

    Aldor is an ordinary programming language that can and should be used for extending the [Axiom]? library.

  • [Axiom]?

    [Axiom]? is a computer algebra system with a big knowledge of mathematics implemented in its library. An important feature of Axiom is that it uses types.

  • FriCASWiki

    FriCASWiki is an online environment (you are currently reading one page of it) that allows people interested in [Axiom]? to openly collaborate and improve [Axiom]?'s code and documentation. Everyone is invited to improve [Axiom]?, just BeBold.

  • IssueTracker

    IssueTracker is [Axiom]?'s bug tracking facility.

  • LatexWiki

    LatexWiki is a patch to the ZWiki package that allows rendering of in-line LaTeX on an FriCASWiki page.

  • MathAction

    MathAction is a software that is built on LatexWiki. It allows to call [Axiom]? and [Reduce]? from within a [Wiki]? page.

  • [SPAD]?

    The language used in Axiom is called Spad (a contraction of ScratchPad). [SPAD]? is a predecessor of Aldor. For adding new library features Aldor is now preferred.

  • [Wiki]?

    A Wiki is a way of collaboration where you create web documents using a very simple syntax, and documents are editable by anyone. The wiki.axiom-developer.org uses the ZWiki software as its driving backend.

  • ZWiki

    Zwiki is the software which drives this wiki site.

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