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Gaby described how to obtain the type of a functor. A functor is an "unapplied" domain constructor. A domain constructor is an expression. So for example Complex Integer is a domain constructor. Complex is the functor.

Example Complex

)boot getConstructorSignature 'Complex
(EVAL-WHEN (EVAL LOAD) (PROG () (RETURN (|getConstructorSignature| '|Complex|)))) Value = ((|Join| (|ComplexCategory| |#1|) (CATEGORY |package| (IF (|has| |#1| (|OpenMath|)) (ATTRIBUTE (|OpenMath|)) |noBranch|))) (|CommutativeRing|)) --)boot getConstructorSignature('Complex).target
)boot first getConstructorSignature('Complex)
(EVAL-WHEN (EVAL LOAD) (PROG () (RETURN (CAR (|getConstructorSignature| '|Complex|))))) Value = (|Join| (|ComplexCategory| |#1|) (CATEGORY |package| (IF (|has| |#1| (|OpenMath|)) (ATTRIBUTE (|OpenMath|)) |noBranch|))) --)boot getConstructorSignature('Complex).source
)boot first rest getConstructorSignature('Complex)
(EVAL-WHEN (EVAL LOAD) (PROG () (RETURN (CAR (CDR (|getConstructorSignature| '|Complex|)))))) Value = (|CommutativeRing|)

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