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Time to clean out the SandBox!

There is some good stuff and a lot of useless material under the SandBox heading. We need help cleaning this up. Anyone who comes here after you will greatly appreciate any time you can spare to this effort.

If you see something that looks interesting just create a real page with the same material (cut-and-paste from the old page) and then add a short introduction about why you think it should be of interest - maybe even expand on it a little... If you see some thing that is obviously not likely to be useful to anyone in the future why not just delete it!

Please help.

Pochhammer availability --rrogers, Tue, 14 Apr 2015 17:39:30 +0000 reply
While checking out implementations of pochhammer(a,b) I ran across and entry in sandbox->speed that looks reasonable. Is this available in the standard console? It didn't turn up in hyperdoc. Ray

Re: Pochhammer --Bill Page, Fri, 17 Apr 2015 21:44:18 +0000 reply
SandBoxSpeed is written in Aldor so the answer is "no". But you could easily backport it to SPAD if you like.

(1) -> )wh th poch
There are no operations containing those patterns
------------------------------- Categories --------------------------------
No Categories with names matching patterns: poch
--------------------------------- Domains ---------------------------------
No Domains with names matching patterns: poch
-------------------------------- Packages ---------------------------------
No Packages with names matching patterns: poch
---------------- System Commands for User Level: compiler -----------------
No system commands at this level matching patterns: poch
------------------------- System Command Synonyms -------------------------
No user-defined synonyms satisfying patterns: poch

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