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(1) -> <spad>
)lisp (setq |$bootStrapMode| t)
)abbrev domain T T
Decl == Record(name: Symbol, type: T)
T(): Public == Private where Public ==> with type: Symbol -> % decl: (Symbol, %) -> Decl Private ==> add decl(n:Symbol,t:%):Decl == [n,t] type(x:Symbol):% == x pretend %</spad>
Compiling FriCAS source code from file 
      using old system compiler.
   Your user access level is compiler and this command is therefore not
      available. See the )set userlevel command for more information.
>> System error: Lock on package COMMON-LISP violated when setting the symbol-function of T while in package BOOT. See also: The SBCL Manual, Node "Package Locks" The ANSI Standard, Section

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