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Design Goals and Issues

  • Usability
    • easy navigation between a large number of pages
    • organized in a lattice by topics (parents) and subtopics (children)
  • Performance and Stability
    • backup contents of MathAction Wiki and Axiom Portal databases
    • update the base ZWiki and LatexWiki software to newest realease.
  • Provide interface to additional computer math systems. E.g.
    • Maxima
    • ???
    • Increase number of users who actively contribute to Axiom and the MathAction website

Work in Progress

  • require Subject and/or Reason for change on all edits and comments (helps prevent spam)
  • Improved editing and preview
  • DHTML, JavaScript? and AJAX techniques for faster interaction

Recently Completed

  • Improved navigation via Subtopics on left sidebar for all pages
  • Redesigned FrontPage
  • Pamphlet file support See #210
  • Provided interfaces to additional computer math systems. E.g.
  • Provide "one-click" LaTeX symbols in comment form

    Clicking on:

            axiom command

    enters this text into the comment window. Similarily for other constructs and symbols on this form. Just click the symbol to insert the corresponding LaTeX command. You can select several different sets of symbols.

Planned or Delayed

  • Documentation and tutorial on Boot Programming
  • Documentation on using [Lisp In Axiom]?
  • See MathAction in IssueTracker
  • Integration of personal singler-user client-side wiki (e.g. TiddlyWiki?) with server-based wikis. See Doyen.

Previous Work

  • Implemented MathAction access policy for properties changes in IssueTracker

    Users must provide name and email address before they are allowed to change status, severity, and category.

  • Scrolling preview window with edit synchronization

    The new dual-window edit/preview mode permits easier reference to formatted text and computer generated results while editing and updating a web page. Use Sync(x) to automatically synchronize the scroll position in the two windows.

  • Preview for comments

    The new Preview button at the bottom of each page allows comments to be reviewed and polished without generating notifications messages. Click Cancel or click Save to post your comment to the web site and send email notices to subscribers.

  • Implemented MathAction access policy to require Users to identify themselves via the preferences menu in order to edit pages.
  • Collapsing and Expanding (folding) information on pages.

    See new (+/-) menu and example at Sandbox Folding

  • Fold output of Axiom compiler.

    The Axiom compiler produces a lot of output that is useful mainly for debugging. Compiler output is now folded by default. Use (+/-) to expand or hide this information.

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