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Syntax highlighting for FriCAS-files: .spad, .input

  1. Put axiom.vim into the directory .vim/syntax or (superuser) into:
  2. Add the following two lines to:
            " Axiom
            au BufNewFile,BufRead *.spad,*.input            setf axiom

Alternatively to 2. you can type the vim-command :set syntax=axiom. This suffices to get syntax highlighting for .spad and .input files.

release 0 - please suggest improvements and missing things for FriCAS syntax highlighting using vim. to Johannes L. Grabmeier, johannes.grabmeier@fh-deggendorf.de


Another vim mode by Fabio Stumbo, fstumbo@unife.it can be found at axiom.vim : Syntax files for Axiom computer algebra system files

Look at vim-panaxiom for a git repository that is supposed to develop into a combined version of the above two modes.

Another vim mode by Thomas Baruchel, baruchel@gmx.com. vim-notebook

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