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In 2007 open source Axiom project forked twice, leading to three separate projects (forks):

  • FriCAS is a fork of the original open source Axiom project created by Waldek Hebisch on July 9, 2007 from the wh-sandbox branch of Axiom. It was based on the initial work of Gaby Dos Reis on the Axiom build system but contained several improvements to all areas of the system. For initial description and rationalle see Sourceforge registration info

    Notably, FriCAS from the start contained improvements to the Algebra bootstrap process which allowed easy additions or modifications to Algebra.

    FriCAS project aims at rapid improvement and bug fixing. It also favors adding alternative user interfaces such as Texmacs and Jupyter. For more specific information about improvement in FriCAS see FriCASAdvantages See also http://fricas.sourceforge.net/ and http://fricas.github.io/

  • OpenAxiom - a fork of the Axiom project created by Gabriel Dos Reis on August 13, 2007 starting from the build-improvements branch of Axiom. A major difference from the original Axiom project is the focus on shorter-term goals: "It aims at being the open source computer algebra system of choice for research, teaching, engineering, etc." Other differences include the use of a GNU autoconf-style build environment, continued improvement of the BOOT development language and SPAD library compiler and rejection of Knuth-style literate programming methodology as the preferred method of documentation. Apparently developement of Open Axiom stopped in 2015. See http://www.open-axiom.org
  • There is thid fork: Tim Daly continued his work and kept name Axiom. Note however that due to reorganization of source files and convertion of part of source to Lisp this fork is quite different than historic Axiom. You can find source code, binaries files and more documentation for Tim Daly Axiom at http://www.axiom-developer.org/ Note: Apparently recent Axiom effort is only private, the site above was not updated for several years.

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