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Editor: alfredo
Time: 2008/04/25 13:06:52 GMT-7
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-  See:
  See: http://svn.open-axiom.org/viewvc/*checkout*/open-axiom/trunk/INSTALL

Building on Linux

See: http://svn.open-axiom.org/viewvc/checkout/open-axiom/trunk/INSTALL

Building on Windows

For how to prepare an MSYS/MinGW? system to build OpenAxiom? on Windows see: BuildOnWindows?

Download the source from the repository at:

The source is the same as one used to build on Unix or GNU/Linux.

Once you got it, please look at oa.trunk/INSTALL for requirements.

The native Windows binary is here

You can build it with just MSYS/MinGW?, as you would build it on a unix/linux platform

./configure && make && make install