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Building on Linux

Please read the INSTALL file in the FriCAS distribution, which you can get via git as

git clone http://github.com/fricas/fricas fricas

or from


Building on Mac OS

FriCAS builds on Mac OS. You need to install developement tools and optional X component. Build from Git sources works only when you build in separate directory.

Building on Windows

FriCAS builds using Cygwin ECL (in the past one could use Cygwin Clisp but recent Cygwin Clisp can not create executables, which is needed to build FriCAS). Under Cygwin one gets graphics and HyperDoc. However, for best performace (and optional extras) preferred Lisp is sbcl. Currently build using sbcl works under WSL.

FriCAS also works with MinGW (see BuildOnWindows), but currently you won't get graphics nor HyperDoc (the help facility), so if you are mainly interested in "using" FriCAS, WSL is the better bet.

If you encounter any difficulties, please don't hesitate to ask. We are grateful for every bit that improves the MS Windows port!

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