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relatively small promotional awards to be paid for programming work done to enhance Axiom.

Submissions will be accepted on an "as is" basis. It should be very clear whether a submission fulfils a specific requirement or not. A good example would be a MS Windows port of axiom: the requirements would be (roughly):

  • that axiom can be compiled according to step by step instructions
  • passes "most" of the tests -- there might be some platform specific problems, of course, like pathnames and the like
  • and the changes are documented.

Similarly, a bounty could be awarded for an SBCL port, when Axiom actually compiles in this environment.

Special awards will be granted for especially good work.

In fact, there are quite a few tasks where a simple operational result would already be great: pamphlet support on MathAction, a Windows port, an SBCL or CMUCL port, compiling domains with Aldor, etc.

The individual items from the OldWishList and OldSummer Of Code are possible items for awards.

Here the current proposals:

Windows port


pamphlet support for MathAction






Note that we really have no idea how much work these items represent although you can be sure that their value to users of Axiom is far beyond 200$. That is why we refer to a bounty as an "award" and not as a payment for work accomplished.

Sidenote: Many great mathematicians set out prices for proofs of conjectures they had. Best known are probably the prices of Paul Erdös. These prices ranged from 10$ (difficult problem) to (I think) 500$ (only for genius)...

In this spirit, we might set up a second row of bounties, like:

implementing Zeilberger


fixing bug #191 (exquo and therefore gcd cannot handle UP(x, EXPR INT))


This is based on an email from Martin Rubey in november 2004, and is subject to change without notice.

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