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Submitted by : (unknown) at: 2007-11-17T22:56:40-08:00 (15 years ago)
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On Mon, Jan 10, 2005 at 09:39:22PM -0500, root wrote:
> It appears that expressIdealMember is not mentioned in the signature
> list for EuclideanDomain() and was not used locally so the compiler
> did not generate code for it.

I noticed this too but Im not confident that this is the case. The
catdef.spad.pamphlet has a stanza `<<EUCDOM-.lsp BOOTSTRAP>>=' which
includes the (nonexistent) chunk `<<EUCDOM-;expressIdealMember;LSU;10>>'. 
The bootstrap code for EUCDOM mentions this function explicitly, as
does bootstrap code in INT and SINT. Moreover, the code for this
function is generated at the end of a normal build. I really think
this a missing chunk (or, perhaps, I'm missing one :).


... --kratt6, Fri, 28 Dec 2007 14:18:21 -0800

Category: Axiom Mathematics => building Axiom from source 
Status: open => need more info 

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