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Submitted by : (unknown) at: 2007-11-17T22:33:49-08:00 (15 years ago)
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  1. Environment is Gentoo Linux (2.6.21 kernel, gcc 4.1.2)
  2. I built gcl-2.6.7 from the stock Gentoo distro with the "ansi" option set to TRUE
  3. I built noweb-2.11b from the noweb source -- Gentoo only has noweb 2.9.
  4. I created a directory "ax-build" as the file README.wh recommends and followed the instructions.

../wh-sandbox/configure ran with no errors

The "make" step crashed with the following. It looks like the last thing it completed was "compiling axiom-lisp.lisp":

  OPTIMIZE levels: Safety=0 (No runtime error checking), Space=0, Speed=3
  Finished compiling axiom-lisp.lisp.

  >echo '(compiler::link nil "prelisp" ' \
              ' (format nil "(progn (let ((*load-path* (cons ~S *load-path*))'\
                                        ' (si::*load-types* ~S))' \
                                       ' (compiler::emit-fn t))' \
                                  ' (when (fboundp (quote si::sgc-on))' \
                                        ' (si::sgc-on t))' \
                                  ' (setq compiler::*default-system-p* t))"' \
                      ' si::*system-directory* (quote (list ".lsp")))' \
               '  "/home/axiom-test/ax-build/src/lisp/../.././src/lib/bsdsignal.o /home/axiom-test/ax-build/src/lisp/../.././src/lib/cfuns-c.o /home/axiom-test/ax-build/src/lisp/../.././src/lib/sockio-c.o  -lutil")' \
            | /usr/bin/gcl
  GCL (GNU Common Lisp)  2.6.7 ANSI    Jun 27 2007 21:00:38
  Source License: LGPL(gcl,gmp), GPL(unexec,bfd,xgcl)
  Binary License:  GPL due to GPL'ed components: (XGCL READLINE BFD UNEXEC)
  Modifications of this banner must retain notice of a compatible license
  Dedicated to the memory of W. Schelter

  Use (help) to get some basic information on how to use GCL.
  Temporary directory for compiler files set to /tmp/

  >GCL (GNU Common Lisp)  April 1994  131072 pages
  Building symbol table for /home/axiom-test/ax-build/src/lisp/raw_prelisp ..
  loading /usr/lib/gcl-2.6.7/unixport/../lsp/gcl_export.lsp
  Initializing gcl_defmacro.o
  Can't open file ~s
  Lisp initialization failed.


  >echo '(load "axiom-package.lisp") (load "axiom-lisp.o")' \
             '(in-package "AXIOM-LISP") (save-core "lisp")' \
            | ./prelisp
  /bin/sh: line 2: ./prelisp: No such file or directory
  make[2]: *** [do_it.gcl] Error 127
  make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/axiom-test/ax-build/src/lisp'
  make[1]: *** [all-lisp] Error 2
  make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/axiom-test/ax-build/src'
  make: *** [all-src] Error 2

Update on testing --znmeb, Fri, 29 Jun 2007 23:43:48 -0500 reply
wh-sandbox appears to be building normally if I build the gcl from the source in the Axiom subversion repo as part of the Axiom build, but it doesn't build with gcl 2.6.7 from Gentoo. So it looks like I'm on the air. Having to use the Axiom version of gcl is not a big problem for me, since I don't normally install gcl but use SBCL as my preferred Lisp.

build is done and Axiom is working! --znmeb, Sat, 30 Jun 2007 09:58:32 -0500 reply
Everything looks good ... I noticed that the gcl in the Axiom repo is 2.6.8. Can you confirm that gcl 2.6.7 is incapable of building the wh-sandbox version of Axiom?

wh-sandbox is outdated --kratt6, Fri, 04 Jan 2008 04:15:54 -0800 reply
Status: open => rejected

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