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Submitted by : (unknown) at: 2007-11-17T22:14:11-08:00 (15 years ago)
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Savannah bug #5906:

  overview: TeX display of long variable names is broken
  Submitted on:  Mon 10/13/03 at 07:21   

  Category:  interpreter
  Severity:  3 - Normal 
  Originator Name:  Dylan Thurston
  Summary:  TeX display of long variable names is broken 
  Original Submission:  The TeX output of long variable names is broken: they are just output as a string. In all versions of TeX, this means that the spacing will be adjusted to make it clear that this is a product of separate variables, exactly what is not intended. For instance, 'fi's in the output will not be replaced by ligatures. Long variable names need to be put into (say) an hbox in order to get the spacing correct.

  This is particularly obvious in the TeXmacs interface, which seems to add more space than standard TeX, but it is always a bug. 

Example of code trigerring the bug:

)set output tex on

\label{eq1} \mbox{\rm true} (1)
Type: Boolean

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Category: => Axiom Library Severity: => normal Status: => open

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