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  1. Communities to inform of a release
    • General Public
    • Maths and computer algebra
      • Universities
      • PlanetMath?, newsgroups
      • special math portals I don't know by heart
      • special interest groups like the RISC in Linz, Neil Sloane regarding my guessing package, Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire regarding combinatorial software (there is some great stuff in the Axiom book, this should be pointed out.
      • Aldor people
      • Maxima people
      • MuPAD?-combinat. Ask them for cooperation, I'm pretty sure that some of them are interested.
      • SAGE. Create a proposal for inclusion as a standard component in SAGE.
    • Physicists
    • Lisp (via newsgroups and CLIKI. A CMUCL/SBCL port would be nice. I think some work has been done here already)
    • LaTeX and OldTeXmacs (why not. MathAction and the pamphlet project is related to LaTeX)
    • emacs. Yes, I think we should make as much noise as possible.

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